Fund Placement Services

Cohen Brothers provides established fund managers with fund placement and related services, raising capital from professional investors around the globe for :

  • Alternative investment funds, such as private equity, private debt, infrastructure, real estate and other real assets

  • Mutual funds, across all alpha generating investment processes and asset classes

  • All customized investment solutions, from discretionary and advisory separate accounts, white label funds & parallel portfolios to institutional and retail fund solutions for insurers, multi-family offices & pension funds

  • GP sponsored co-investments, across a wide range of assets, industries and countries

  • Secondary market of private fund interests

This offer is based upon :

  • the stronger efficiency of locally based staff: our staff is part of the local market place and shares the same culture as its investors’

  • the wealth of experience of our staff: regional heads have an average experience which exceeds twenty years in most aspects of investment management and investment banking, across most asset classes and strategies. Its understanding of local market requirements enables it to offer fully customized solutions

  • a long history of investor relationship for each team member, often exceeding 15 years

  • uncompromising staff quality, all of them being MBA level and trained at first tier international firms

  • a motivated staff through an entrepreneurial approach

Fund Placement Assignment Selection

Given the seniority and strong institutional investor background of its staff, Cohen Brothers implements a strategy of raising capital for global, regional and national asset management leaders.  It also considers assignments from high quality experienced boutiques.

It considers fund placement assignments primarily for:

  • private equity, debt, real estate funds from the fourth vintage

  • infrastructure and other more recent private asset strategies from the second vintage

  • equity mutual and hedge funds from $ 150 m AUM per fund, bond mutual funds from $ 300  m, mutual & hedge fund track record of 5 Y minimum

  • minimum company AUM of $ 3 bn for long only and $ 1 bn for hedge funds

We would not consider « first time team » GPs and first time funds, except from spinoff teams with a long and excellent track record. We do not provide fund placement services to retail oriented fund managers and corporate finance services except through our parrtnership with  Cohen & Co. as indicated here.

We have already worked successfully for several global, European and national leaders : Capital Dynamics (global top 13 Private Equity FoF manager), SL Capital Partners (top 10  Private Equity FoF manager in Europe), Amundi (global top 10 asset manager), Aberdeen Standard  Investments (leading global asset manager), Groupama Asset Management (possiby the best euro small cap manager), LBO France, France leader in mid market buyout.

GPs help companies internationalize their client base, Cohen Brothers helps GPs internationalize their LP base. We provide GPs raising funds targeting $ 1 billion + with global investor coverage, help quality midsize funds grow in their region and provide high level advice to structure European AIFMD  or US market compliant solutions to access their investor markets.

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