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Code of Conduct

  • Cohen Brothers’ reputation for integrity and goal to provide investors and asset managers with the highest level of professionalism are number one company priority. Its founder considers that retaining an excellent reputation is of paramount importance for his own ethics and the sustainability of the company’s business relationships in the long term

  • Cohen Brothers activities are dedicated exclusively to professional or qualified or accredited investors, as defined in the different jurisdictions in which Cohen Brothers operates

  • As a member of Invest Europe, Cohen Brothers complies with Invest Europe Handbook of Professional Standards and its Guidance for placement advisers, available at

  • Cohen Brothers Compliance Manual is available upon request

  • Cohen Brothers fund placement activities are always limited to introduction, product promotion, relationship, and marketing. They exclude reception and transmission of fund orders, holding client cash or securities, underwriting of securities issues and providing investment, legal, tax and accounting advice

  • Cohen Brothers has no authority to bind or represent to bind asset managers. It never modifies the documentation of an asset manager without its prior written authorization

  • As an investment firm, Cohen Brothers provides its advice to its fund manager clients only. It is therefore linked to such fund managers and is remunerated exclusively by them. The details of such remuneration is available upon request to Robert Cohen, CEO, at

  • Should a conflict of interests arise, Cohen Brothers will disclose it to the related party and seek to resolve it promptly

  • Cohen Brothers applies a strict policy of confidentiality in its activities. Any disclosure is authorized by the respective client and is subject to contract

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